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These resources are the result of a conversation with rural communities in Colombia, with the objective of highlighting and strengthening the work of community water management, an activity led by women and men in 70 community aqueducts participating in the ASIR-SABA project. 
This initiative seeks to strengthen the people, and above all those who live in the Colombian countryside, so that they can strengthen their collective processes and together we can build peace in Colombia.

Change your habits

The following resources will contribute to your work as a change manager in your territory, because you will learn good practices for environmental preservation, hand washing and measures that prevent the spread of COVID-19.
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Cleans and disinfects to prevent the spread of VOC-19

Cleans and disinfects to prevent the spread of VOC-19

Measures to reduce the
spread of COVID-19

Reduce, Recycle y Reuse

Steps for the washing hand

to take care of



Tricks for care the water

Tricks to decrease the consumption power

Get to know some advantages recycling

I look after the water, I look after my territory

Activate the sound and discover strategies that contribute positively to climate change, water saving and care of natural environments, because nature is vital for the survival of biodiversity, animal species and humans. Similarly, these audios reflect the value of work in community water management, which builds peace in territories marked by violence in Colombia. 
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Take care of the land

9 ways to save water

Reuse rainwater

Take advantage of the waste

Let's take care of the water

What is water treatment?

Hands that gestate the water

Until safe: preventive measures to prevent the spread of VOC-19

The spread of COVID-19 and how do we protect ourselves?

COVID-19 and the importance of hand washing

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is in the hands of everyone

When to wash your hands to prevent the transmission of the virus?

Know the protocol for hand washing

Avoid direct contact with people

Contributions of the ASIR-SABA project to community water management in Colombia