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The ASIR-SABA Project is an initiative of the Swiss Embassy in Colombia - Humanitarian Aid and Development (COSUDE) that works hand in hand with communities, local and departmental governments and the national government of Colombia through a participatory co-management model that seeks to contribute to closing gaps and implementing public policy on water and basic sanitation.

Since 2015, the Project has positioned itself as a model that bets on community management of water and basic sanitation in rural areas and promotes participation and peace building.

Who promotes ASIR-SABA


The Embassy of Switzerland in Colombia - Humanitarian Aid and Development (SDC), through support programmes, establishes partnerships with government authorities, non-governmental organizations and civil society, in order to improve the protection of the vulnerable population and those affected by the armed conflict in the country.

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Cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory through agreements has contributed to the implementation of public policy on drinking water and basic sanitation in priority rural areas

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ASIR-SABA has been adapted of the SABA+ Model

Promoted by the Swiss Embassy in Peru. It is based on the lessons learned from the projects of Basic Sanitation of the Southern Sierra (SAMBASUR) and the Pilot Project of Drinking Water and Health (PROPILAS) in Peru.

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