Toolbox Toolbox

What is the toolbox?

This toolbox is a commitment to understanding community-based management of rural water and sanitation and its impact on territorial development, peace building, social inclusion and gender equality in rural areas. The starting point is the guarantee of access to water and sanitation, from an intersectional and gender perspective, carried out through the construction and piloting of a battery of impact indicators by the Corporation for Research and Social and Economic Action - CIASE, in the framework of the ASIR-SABA project.

For what?

This toolbox is an educational proposal to find a way towards a community management that contributes to the well-being of the territories through the construction of inclusive and dialoguing societies that advocate for equity in the access, use, management and protection of water.

Download, use and share our toolbox: "From the Drop to the River, community-based water management and rural sanitation: a reflection of co-responsibility, dialogue, diversity and transformation in our territory". 

"The water takes care of us, let's take care of the water"

It addresses community water management and proposals on how best to do it.

"So many drops, II all the reflections"

addresses the ways in which community-based water and sanitation management builds peace, transforms conflict and contributes to well-being and security.

In the audios you will find proposals for actions, recommendations and data that will help strengthen the processes of community management of rural water and sanitation.

In 'From Drop to River' you will find the story of a community that, like many in the country, is in the process of making community management of water and sanitation a reality

In the 5 classes, technical knowledge necessary to strengthen community water and sanitation processes is deepened.