Battery of Indicators

Who's behind the battery of indicators?

The ASIR - SABA project (Phase II) seeks to support the peace building process through the implementation of social inclusion and territorial development indicators. For this, the Corporation for Research and Social and Economic Action - CIASE is a fundamental ally. CIASE is a mixed feminist organization with experience in the formulation and application of indicators.

What is the indicator battery?

A tool to measure how the processes of community management of water and sanitation contribute to territorial development, peace building, social inclusion and gender equality.

This battery of indicators has been called: Water that transforms, and makes measurements at the micro (personal), meso (community) and macro (public policy instruments) levels, for the following categories of analysis: Territorial Development, Social Inclusion, Gender Equality and Peace Building.

How was it built?

These products are the result of more than a year of dialogue with the communities, the implementation teams and the institutions of the process carried out in the departments of Nariño, Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Boyacá, Antioquia and La Guajira, in the framework of the implementation of the ASIR-SABA project

We invite you to get to know the Indicator Battery, below:

See our list of indicators

A digital tool that does the calculations for you, giving numerical and graphic results that complement the analysis.